Hot Wire

The hot wire is a game where every player can display his or her dexterity. Goal is to move a hook around a bent wire without contacting it. During the game every contact let jump a LED upstairs. After 10 contacts the game will be automatically stopped.

The clock adds more excitement to the game because the player not only has to fight with his own dexterity but also against time.

When using the business card drop you can generate up to 60 qualified adresses per hour. Because of the use of top-quality daylight LEDs it is also possible to use this wheel of fortune outside.

Height: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Total weight: 12 - 14 kg
Touch LED's: 10
Design: Digital print/ lamination
Wire Design: accoring to your specifications
Device color without design: true white
Set up type: Table device or wall installation
Underframe in accordance with DIN 15560 -27: optional, 89,00 €
Start by ticket: optional
Musical accompaniment: Yes
Unique music or jingles: optional
According to fire safety regulations (B1): Yes
Long run transport packing optional: Yes
Carrying bag optional: Yes
Weather durable: conditional
Average use at least: 50.000 games