Electronic wheel of
fortune and Stop game

This device is a combination of the electronic wheel of fortune and the stop game. In both variations the running light is either started by pressing the provided trigger or by dropping a participating card into a slot.

Variation 1: Out of the run the player have to stop the light on a winning field by pressing the stop button at the trigger.

Variation 2: Just like a real wheel of fortune the LED first moves very quickly and then gradually lose speed and stop at one of the fields.

Which of the fields become a winning field is up to your design. Switching between the two variations can be done by pressing the switch on the back of the game. Because of the use of top-quality daylight LEDs it is also possible to use this wheel of fortune outside.

Height: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm
Depth: 12 cm
LED circle diameter: 60 cm
Fields: 24
Total weight: 7 kg
Design: Digital print/ lamination
Device color without design: true white
Set up type: Table device or wall installation
Underframe in accordance with DIN 15560 -27: optional, 89,00 €
Mail slot for participants: optional
Musical accompaniment: Yes
According to fire safety regulations (B1): Yes
Long run transport packing optional: Yes
Carrying bag optional: Yes
Different LED number possible: Yes / 12-36
Weather durable: conditional
Corrosion-resistant: conditional
Average use at least: 100.000 games

Amount: Price for basic unit:
749,00 €