Typ C

Exclusive tent system which sets new standards in events. Simply pefect in its quality. Pefect in handling. This way you can get your event in the bag! Simple, fast and uncomplicated to set up. Unique and attention-getting in its design.

The special fabric stays dense in all weather conditions, isolates and protects from heat and cold. The linkage made from rust-free aluminum profile gives optimal stability and durability. Special plastic cuffs, strengthened by glass fiber, make the connection and protect the aluminium profile from scratching.

You will need two people and two minutes to set up. You'll see!

Product description
Price per piece
Tent with roof
967,00 €
Tent with roof and wind cap fort he use outside
1013,00 €
Sidepiece, half high L 3,00 x H 0,95 m
66,00 €
Sidewall standard L 4,50 x H 0,95 m
92,00 €
Sidewall standard L 3,00 m
117,00 €
Sidewall standardL 4,50 m
148,00 €
Sidewall panorama L 3,00 m
132,00 €
Sidewal lpanorama L 4,50 m
163,00 €
Sidewall with 2 round arch windows L 3,00 m
211,00 €
Sidewall with 2 round arch windows L 4,50 m
270,00 €
1 pair of foot plates, 7 kilo each
79,00 €