"HOT WIRE ???" on Tour

He was in Lüneburg on September the 6th 2004 and Judith Weber (doing an internship in the EUROPA Zentrale) was with him.
This is her report…

  Just after 1 pm the Three???-Mobile with the two promoters Tanja and Carolin drove onto the „Kaufen! Marsch-Marsch!“ parkinglot. It was hot. Damn hot. Well, the first task of the day, putting up the bright red EUROPA-Pavillion (which is actually meant to function as a rain roof) and fleeing from the sun! Then the next difficult task: The wire from the trunk: please, please, function properly, down fall over and spare us any electronic quirks! One should know: That thing isn’t any common wheel of fortune, it’s something special just as is due to the Three-???! :o)
But before we could get going on putting up the entire booth (miracolously later everthing worked without any difficulty), everyone needed nourishment. After we le tour gaze wnader in every direction it was clear: there was no way around it – we have to go to the „Ochse“. Yes, indeed, the name keeps ist promise! „The slaughterhouse tavern.“ In my eyes this sort of thing doesn’t exist, but, what can I say? There really are such things! But at least everything is fresh… Still, we tried to keep to the mosty meatless dishes: french fries, fried potatoes, and noodle casserole made the view of halved pigs in freezers barable.  
  Full, but sweating more than ever, we continued our work. Everything was arranged nicely and suddenly, earlier that was planned ( the people were wildly determined to start immediatly and couldn’t wait until the actual start at 3 pm), the Three??? Melody sounded, signalling the start of the Hot Wire game. The first who obtained a ticket to the game was an elderly fellow who didn’t really know about the Three???, but was completely fascinated by that box which looked and sounded funny- but especially the tent struck his fancy. („No, there’s no beer here. No, this is not a beverage booth.“)
And: off we go! The first curve is mastered- riiiing. The first contact. Short pause, the loop is carefully manuvered around the wire by the shaky male hand. Riiiing – Riiing – ooops – double mistake! Time is running without mercy against the slightly agitated candidate… Take it easy!! Don’t seize up your hand! Riiing - uh oh – he already lost the first prize, that Three??? licence tag… after about 80 „time units“ (in Corrina’s opinion the anti word of the year!) he is free – with 4 mistakes he points at the finish„Yoho, and a bottle o’ rum!“ The legendary Three??? finale laugh sounds and: congratulations- the first hot wire pplayer is now the proud owner of an official Three??? key chain! („ Well, we’re sorry, even if you’d rather have that beer, there’s none o’ that here!“)