the bouncing advertising medium..

No skydancer but just as effective.
Illuminated from the inside, never tiring, and giving your convention or promotion booth the necessary attention by constant movement.

The eyecatcher indoors and outdoors.

Individual design is as understood as with all our quality products.

Shattering controlled moves by attached motor with about 6-7. sweps per minute. A fan, adjustable in 4 degress, for pressure and loudness regulation. Power consumption only 70 watt and light output about 830 watt. For indoors and outdoors !!

Quick set-up up to 6m hight.

Info Tubes:
The InfoTubes, made from a special material, are available in sizes up to 6 m in hight and in 14 different colors.
For easy replacement of the InfoTubes, they are equipped with a velcro fastener on the underside.
With a special adhesive film the InfoTubes can be decorated with adversiting banners, company logos, or other information.

Info Toys:
A special combination between likability and adversiting. The figures cow, giraffe, reindeer, or halloween are currently available. Also very effective are symbols like „onion“ or the „@“ freely on the tubes. The figures can be written on through a special adhesive film.

Special figures are possible.

Price up to 1290,00 €

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